What to do to keep your clothes in good condition for a long time?

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What to do to keep your clothes in good condition for a long time?
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Clothes from chain stores are nice, cheap, easily accessible and follow the latest trends. However, they have one very basic disadvantage, they wear out very quickly. A lot of water and energy is used in the production of clothes. Unfortunately, most of the clothes we buy during the year end up in a landfill after only a few months of wear. What can be done to keep the color of the clothes intact, the material does not wrinkle or rub off and how to repair torn or damaged clothes? This article is about that!

Wash clothes according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Nowadays, few people pay attention to the washing instructions on the label. This is a big mistake, because the instructions that the manufacturer provides are meant to keep the clothes in the best possible condition and minimize damage during washing. Use a mild detergent designed for the appropriate type or color of fabric. For stretch fabrics and delicate fabrics, such as lace inserts, use special nets that minimize damage during washing. Use programs, which use low temperature and gentle spin mode. This will help you avoid common clothes damage

If you have any clothes that need to be absorbent, such as menstrual panties or reusable sanitary pads, under no circumstances use fabric softeners or fabric conditioners. Not only can such agents irritate the delicate skin of intimate areas, but they can also significantly reduce the absorbency of the material. The same goes for microfiber cloths, quick-dry towels or kitchen cloths

Alter your clothes and reuse them

If you notice that there’s a hole in the bottom of your skirt but the rest of it is still in good condition, try to remake the garment in a way that you can still wear it. Of course, no one is talking about walking around in torn, damaged clothes in the name of ecology, but you can, for example, shorten a dress or pants, in which rips or holes have appeared. Patching, patching or ironing will also be effective

A great way to give a second life to faded, washed or permanently stained clothes is upcycling. DIWU company deals with reworking and renewing old clothes. You can design how your favorite t-shirt will be repurposed yourself

If a piece of clothing is no longer fit for purpose, torn, stained or washed and there is no point in reprocessing it, use it as a duster or a floor cloth. You don’t have to buy new cloths at all; torn tights are great for cleaning wood, absorbent cotton will clean floors and a terry cloth towel will do for dusting

How to remove stubborn stains?

For most of the stains that appear on clothes, even those that are difficult to remove, such as beet juice or carrot juice, can be easily removed with boiling water. The key here is to act quickly. If you have the chance, you can douse the stain in boiling water within a few minutes. Rub chocolate stains with butter, which will melt the chocolate, then rinse the greasy stain with boiling water and blot with dishwashing liquid. Advice about covering wine stains with salt or, even worse, pouring white wine on it, are myths that only prolong the effect and make it more difficult to get rid of the stain. Treat red wine with boiling water as well and wash it as soon as possible

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