How to shape your eyebrows to look young and attractive?

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How to shape your eyebrows to look young and attractive?

The appearance of our face and how we look depends largely on our eyebrows. It is they, although often greatly underestimated, are able to affect our entire image and makeup. Well shaped eyebrows can take at least a few years off and make us look more attractive. However, correct adjustment requires certain skills and knowledge. How to properly model my eyebrows?

Basic rules of eyebrows adjustment

There are many methods of eyebrows adjustment, as well as their shapes. Eyebrows can be adjusted using the following methods.

  • Waxing involves plucking the hairs together with their roots. This method is quite painful, but its effect lasts for a long time. It is important to remember that waxing should not be used on irritated or injured skin, as it may even result in the epidermis breaking off and scabbing.
  • Pulling out hair with tweezers is probably the most painful and labor-intensive procedure of all. This method allows for very precise regulation thanks to the fact that practically every hair is pulled out individually. Tweezers are best for adjusting hard-to-reach areas of the eyebrows or correcting after other methods if they weren’t done accurately.
  • Razor blades are a great option if your brows need to be adjusted right before an important outing. This is the only shaping method that slightly irritates the skin and does not leave swelling or red spots. This method is not permanent, as the hair after shaving is already visible even after three days. It is also not very precise, because the commonly available razor blades for shaping eyebrows are not small enough to perfectly adjust the eyebrows.
  • The last method, the cream. This is not very popular, because unfortunately it does not work the same on everyone. Before using such a product, you should always do an allergy test first, so as not to expose yourself to an allergic reaction. This method dissolves hair follicles, which makes them grow back weaker and smaller. It is worth remembering this, because when using this method for eyebrows regulation, we must be sure of their shape.

The right shape

The most important thing is to choose the right size and shape of eyebrows for our type of beauty. People who have an oval face should definitely choose a gentle arch shape. The ends of the eyebrows for this type of beauty should be visibly thinner. Those with a triangular face should opt for lengthening the beginning of the eyebrows and slightly raising the ends. If you have an oblong face you prefer wide, thick eyebrows, and if you have a square face the appearance should be slightly rounded and delicate. A round face looks best with strong contours slightly resembling a triangle. It is also important that we feel comfortable with the chosen eyebrow shape.

The right color

The perfect eyebrows are not only their shape, but also their color. It is most important that the eyebrows are not too dark and too conspicuous. An unnaturally dark eyebrow color can make us look much older or it will sharpen our features. Too light of a brow color, on the other hand, can make them not visible at all

Eyebrow color should therefore match your hair color. Only people with blonde hair should choose a light shade of brown, whereas people with unnatural hair color like blue should choose shades of brown or black. Eyebrows are usually tinted with henna, which is available in every drugstore. The effect of tinted eyebrows often lasts very short, so most people decide to additionally emphasize this part of the face with cosmetics.

How to define a perfect arch line in 3 steps?

Professionals most often before the adjustment of eyebrows perform their geometry, that is, accurately adjust each section of the eyebrows to the individual shape of the face. At home without proper training, correct geometry is difficult, so it is best to learn how to determine the arch line

The beginning of the eyebrow should be an extension of the nose wing line. The inflection point should run in a straight line from the wing of the nose and next to the iris line. When defining this point, we should look straight ahead. The end of the eyebrow should run from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. This shaping will be optimal for any beauty type.

Before making an adjustment, you should either do a homemade mini eyebrow geometry or adjust the exact shape based on your face shape. Regardless of the method, it is best to mark the exact desired shape before the adjustment, using a white crayon that will be clearly visible on the skin. If you have trouble determining the ideal look for your eyebrows, it’s a good idea to see a specialist who can make an exact adjustment to fit your facial features.

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