How do you give objects or clothing a second life?

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How do you give objects or clothing a second life?

Old and worn out clothes often end up in the trash. The same goes for items that seem useless to us. But instead of getting rid of things right away, you can breathe new life into them and refresh them a bit. How to do it? We suggest.

Don’t throw it away, repair it

Many people assume that if something is old, worn out, worn out, it means that it has reached the end of its life and it is better to invest in something new. Instead of repairing, nowadays we can buy whatever we want cheaply – be it a piece of clothing or an item such as a food processor. But have we thought about the fact that we are turning our planet into a huge waste dump? Maybe it’s a good idea to have something repaired or try to fix it yourself before you decide to throw it away. This is definitely a better option.

Recycling is still in vogue and eco-responsibility is even more important today. To do our planet a favor, we can go much further than the standard garbage sorting. How? By repairing things instead of throwing them away right away.

What are the reasons for repairing things?

Apart from ecological reasons, there are also emotional reasons for repairing things – it is our attachment to our favourite clothes or objects, not necessarily because of their material value. In Japan, for example, the process of repairing objects has been raised to the rank of art, called kintsugi (it is both a technique and an art of repairing broken ceramics).

Old objects can be used for other purposes, so before we decide that we do not need them, we should think carefully whether any of them can be reused. From the used objects, we can make our own decorations, which will be original and unique. A popular decorative material is a glass bottle. When we want to turn it into an original vase, first we have to remove any label, the easiest way is to soak it beforehand. Everything depends on our imagination, how we will decorate it. An interesting idea are colorful decorative feathers. You can arrange a composition of them and put inside the bottle, or, using a glue gun, stick single feathers next to each other. When the feathers cover the entire surface of the bottle, we can fill it with water and put a flower inside – and we have a beautiful vase.

Fruit crates, which many people probably throw away right away so that they don’t clutter up the kitchen, will also work interestingly. But with an empty wooden crate you can create a real masterpiece. For this task you will need sandpaper to smooth out the sides of the crate. Then you can paint the slats with acrylic paint in the color of your choice. After decorating the box, fill the inside with plastic wrap and sprinkle some soil on top. Finally, the fun part: planting the flowers

Remember to create recycling decorations that will beautify your four corners, just grab unused items, art supplies and start creating something new! It’s the idea that counts.

Do it yourself; mash, patch

If you do not want to get rid of a sweater, because this is the cut in which you feel comfortable and good, but, for example, you inadvertently tore a sleeve and a hole appeared, it is worth to repair it. If the hole is so big that we cannot mend it ourselves, it is worth using artistic mending. You need to gently pull out the thread from the clothes and recreate the weave. Unfortunately, this is a very tedious job, so if we are not able to do it ourselves, this service at a dressmaker can cost us a little. However, patches are coming back into favor, so maybe it is worth sewing them in the damaged place?

Clothes can also give a second life through small cuts or connections. What is it about? For example, we can turn an old worn-out jeans jacket into a fashionable vest by cutting off the sleeves. Denim is a popular and malleable material. From the pockets of denim pants and using a few beads we can sew an interesting handbag. And from two old and different colored blouses we can make an interesting looking shawl

Giving a second life to objects and clothes we not only take care of the environment, but we create things that you can’t find in stores. And yet, so many people complain that they see the same chain store products everywhere, so it’s worth trying something more original.

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