Modern methods for hair extensions

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Modern methods for hair extensions

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Decided you want longer hair but don’t know how to achieve it? Find out what the popular hair extension methods are.

There are many methods of hair extensions. When choosing, consider your needs, the price, and how long it will take to repeat the treatment. Some of the most popular methods include microrings, keratin and clip-in. Consult with a hair stylist before getting the treatment. It is best to choose a salon with a good reputation.

Cold method

In the cold method, hair stylists usually refer to microrings, which do not require the use of high heat for insertion. This method of hair extensions has many supporters as well as opponents. Hair stylists use a crochet hook to connect the natural strands of hair to the extensions by attaching them to the aluminium rings. These can then be easily hidden under the hair. The procedure takes a few hours, but is the most affordable. The microrings last from three to four months, but care must be taken not to disturb them during daily activities, hair styling or sports.

The Heat Method

Extensions using keratin glue can last up to four months, but this depends on how fast your hair grows, whether you are bothered by visible growth and the quality of the glue your stylist uses. While microrings work well for fine hair, the keratin method may be too much of a strain for your hair. After the keratin extension treatment, you have to handle your hair carefully in order not to break the bonds.

The clip-in method

Hair extensions are a good alternative to the previously mentioned methods. They are attached to the hair with small, invisible clips. This is a one-time only method, but it takes the worry out of having to worry about when to pull the strips up or correct the ringlets again. Professionally done hair extensions does not damage and does not stress the roots. Another great advantage is that they can be removed before going to bed or to the swimming pool, so they are less damaging. The best results are achieved with natural hair extensions, but you may also choose synthetic hair extensions. If you choose the right shade, the hairpieces will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hair and become invisible. A natural hairpiece usually lasts about a year, but with proper care it can last up to three years.


Another way for a quick makeover is to buy a wig. Nowadays we have a large selection of good and natural looking wigs, and wearing them has become a common practice for many people. Professional ladies’ wigs are equipped with caps for comfortable putting on and taking off. They come in many shades and have different densities and textures. When purchasing a wig, consult with a professional to choose the model that best suits your beauty. Many wig stores provide a replacement time in case the color is not right. You can find a wide selection of wigs, hair extensions and toppers at

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