Precious cocoa beans in cosmetics – what can be obtained from them?

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Precious cocoa beans in cosmetics – what can be obtained from them?

Cocoa is one of the most appreciated ingredients in the kitchen. It is perfect for preparing sweet desserts. It is obtained from cocoa beans and it is them that we will take a closer look at in terms of skin care properties, because this plant is not only used in the kitchen, but also works well in cosmetics

Cocoa – a plant valued by the ancients

Cocoa is grown in tropical regions such as Ghana, Nigeria and Brazil and its first plantations date back to 1500 BC. The plant bears fruit for the first time after about three years, but only when the cacao tree is 10 to 30 years old can it produce the most valuable beans, which were so valuable to the Maya and Aztecs that they were used as currency

Cocoa beans were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. They were used then, according to the original Aztec recipe, to brew an aromatic, thick as tar drink. Nowadays, however, they are not only valued for their unique taste, but also for their care qualities. Thanks to this, cocoa beans are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in many different cosmetics

Caring properties of cocoa beans

Modern research has shown that cocoa beans have a number of attributes which are beneficial to our body and skin. These include properties such as

  • moisturizing and lubricating,
  • preventing and eliminating stretch marks,
  • destroying free radicals that cause wrinkles,
  • protective against both sun and frost,
  • softening,
  • preventing the loss of water from the deep layers of the skin,
  • prolonging the tan

Additionally, cocoa beans do not cause any allergies or irritations, so cosmetics containing cocoa beans are also an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions

In which cosmetics can cocoa beans be found?

All the properties mentioned above make cocoa beans, as well as the butter made from them, the main ingredient of many cosmetics. In particular, body lotions and butters, which are designed to regenerate the skin and provide it with an appropriate level of hydration. Cocoa is also very often found in all kinds of protective lipsticks, because it acts as a natural UV filter, effectively protects the lips from frost and allows you to enjoy their exceptional softness regardless of the weather outside the window

Also cosmetics for people fighting stubborn cellulite or stretch marks are rich in cocoa beans which, combined with other active ingredients, help the skin restore its proper elasticity and firmness much faster

Ways to make homemade cosmetics with cocoa

However, if you want to test the beneficial properties of cocoa beans on your own skin, you do not have to immediately reach for drugstore cosmetics. You can do it just as well, preparing homemade cosmetics using cocoa beans, which we have in our kitchen cupboard

Cocoa body scrub

To make an aromatic and smoothing cocoa body scrub, just combine ½ cup of sugar with ¼ cup of cocoa and 5 tablespoons of olive or other oil. Then mix until the consistency of thick slurry and you are done. So prepared cosmetic we massage into the body, delighting in its beautiful chocolate aroma that pampers the senses

Cocoa soothing and revitalizing face mask

To make a soothing and revitalizing face mask with cocoa you will need a tablespoon of cocoa, a tablespoon of liquid honey and a tablespoon of natural yogurt. These ingredients should be mixed thoroughly, and then using a brush apply on the face, avoiding the eye area and wait 15 minutes. After washing off the mask, your skin will be smooth and nourished and radiantly luminous.

By mixing cocoa with ingredients available in the kitchen, you can also prepare many other homemade cosmetics with cocoa beans

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