Validity of natural cosmetics. How long can they be used?

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Validity of natural cosmetics. How long can they be used?
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The expiration date must be on every product. Many of us do not know how to interpret these numbers and when we should actually no longer use the product. A special conundrum is the shelf life of natural cosmetics. Read the article to find out everything!

Cosmetics purchased by us have a specific expiration date, which is located on the package. If we conclude from the given information that the expiration date is December 2022, it means that the closed product can be stored until then. It is important that the manufacturer also specifies how long the article can be opened, usually it is several months. The most important is the stretch of time in which we expose the cosmetic to the elements

Suitability of natural cosmetics

The manufacturer places information on the usefulness based on the results of tests carried out in laboratory conditions. Natural cosmetics, due to their specific nature, expire much faster than articles with chemical components. It all depends on the type of components used. There are certain types of ingredients that undergo the aging process in a shorter time than others. Lipsticks, cream eye shadows or lotions that are designed to extend the life of cosmetics often contain fats in them. Fatty acids oxidize, which causes the articles to spoil.

It would seem that articles of natural origin expire more quickly. However, natural cosmetics are having longer and longer expiration dates. Sometimes they are even longer than those that do not contain natural components. Zuii brand products have a long expiration date. On its website, it assures customers that the articles, which are not exposed to external factors, can be valid for up to 36 months after manufacture. In addition, they do not contain silicones, petroleum derivatives or parabens

What expires fastest?

The fastest we have to say goodbye to natural cosmetics, which we have made ourselves. Such products are best used within a few days. If we have used cucumbers, pumpkin, bananas or other fruits and vegetables in the preparation of our cosmetics, we should use them as soon as possible. Immediately after them rank loose products. If you are a fan of green clay masks, do not mix the whole product at once, but add water gradually. You may also be tempted to use traditional preservatives, which are usually already included in the recipe. These include oils, oils, sugars or tea tree oils. By adding a few drops of essential oil to the cream, you extend its shelf life by up to a dozen or so days. Sugar is usually added to body scrubs so that fresh fruit does not overdose the product in a few days. Of course, remember to store cosmetics properly. The lower temperature also prolongs the shelf life, so it is a good idea to put the scrubs in the refrigerator.

How to know the product after the expiration date?

It is very important to trust your intuition. If you are going on a business trip and plan to return in two weeks, you need to carefully check each natural product. Make sure the cosmetic does not have a white residue on top, does not give off a strange smell, or has not changed significantly in consistency. When you know you’ve bought a good brand of eyeshadow and it starts to ooze or behave strangely, it’s time to put it down. The same goes for mascara. Pay attention to how long it lasts and whether your eyes burn after applying it. A change in the taste of your lipstick or lip gloss should be a wake-up call for you. If you have any doubts, better part with the product and prepare or buy a new one. Preparing a cosmetic will take you a while, and the changes on your skin, which can be caused by this outdated product, can be serious.

It is a good idea to store natural cosmetics in airless containers. Foundation is not a long-lasting cosmetic because it contains fats, which when exposed to external factors lose their properties. By using foundation in a pump, you limit its contact with air and thus prolong its durability. A vacuum sealed cosmetic prevents access of bacteria and ensures good quality of the product.

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