Vanilla oil – learn about its use in cosmetics!

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Vanilla oil – learn about its use in cosmetics!

Most of us associate vanilla oil with its characteristic, pleasant, sweet scent. But it turns out that it has many other properties. Get to know them!

Vanilla oil is popular, however, it turns out that most of us associate it only with a beautiful scent not knowing how many valuable properties it has. It is worth knowing them and using them

What is vanilla oil?

Vanilla oil comes from vanilla beans. It contains acetic acid, capric acid, eugenol and isobutyric acid, among others. It should be borne in mind that oil is not the same as oil. It is all due to processing and addition of many synthetic components by manufacturers. Therefore, when buying it, we should check the composition – there should be as much vanillin in it as possible

Properties of vanilla oil have been known for a long time. Inhabitants of the city of Megiddo were said to have used it already in antiquity. It is suspected that at that time it was used for ritual, culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes, among others.

Properties of vanilla oil

Vanilla oil is known for relaxing us, improving our mood and relieving stress. It also relieves anxiety and combats insomnia. That is why it is so often used in aromatherapy. It is also used by women during menstruation, because it fights the pain associated with it. The oil contains antioxidants, therefore it protects us from infections and neutralizes free radicals. A few hundred years ago, it was considered an aphrodisiac because it stimulates testosterone and estrogen secretion. Vanilla is also known for its ability to repel mosquitoes and blackflies

Vanilla is ideal for skin care

Vanilla oil is rich in B vitamins – protein acid, thiamine, vitamin B and microelements such as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium. In addition, vanilla has antioxidant properties and prevents damage to collagen fibers – thanks to that it delays skin aging. Using products with vanilla oil protects against discoloration and air pollution. As you know, you are unlikely to find vanilla in its pure form on the market. As a rule, the oil also contains vanillin, and this in turn reduces acne, accelerates skin regeneration and nourishes it

Using lotions or creams with vanilla oil will make the skin smooth and elastic. The skin will also be more resistant to possible irritation

Excellent effects on hair

Vanilla oil is also excellent for hair care. The use of preparations containing it guarantees softness and healthy look of hair. The ends will not split or break. If you want your hair to grow faster it is advisable to use products with vanilla. The advantage of such cosmetics is that they are rarely allergenic, which means they can also be used by people with allergies or a tendency to irritation

Vanilla – in which cosmetics can it be found?

In which cosmetics can we find vanilla oil? Most often in creams, lotions and shampoos. It is also popular in scrubs, face masks, soaps and conditioners. Specifics with vanilla extract are ideal for dry, delicate and mature skin. It is also recommended for people with acne.

Vanilla oil can also be used by putting 2-3 drops of it into another oil and using it to massage the face. However, keep in mind that the oil in its pure form should not be applied directly to the face

Vanilla oil is the basis of home SPA

Vanilla oil lotions are perfect for a home spa. Vanilla extract is perfect for baths – it guarantees softness, firmness and proper hydration of the skin, as well as allows to relax and unwind.

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