Bathtub or shower? We check which is the more ecological solution

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Bathtub or shower? We check which is the more ecological solution
Bath and relax

It is often believed that we use less water when showering than when bathing. Is this true? If you’re committed to a sustainable lifestyle and don’t want to waste a precious resource like water, read on. In this article we will summarize which solution is more ecological.

The numbers speak for themselves

35% of household water is used in the bathroom. While lounging in a bathtub filled with hot water is a great way to relax after a hard day, why not opt for a shower to reduce your water consumption?

Recent studies show that an average of 150 to 200 liters of water is used during a single bath. During a shower, it is between 17 and 20 liters of water per minute. Therefore, in the case of a shower, the amount of water used depends on the duration of the shower. The number varies between 85 and even 200 liters

Daily water consumption

The amount of water resources used on a daily basis in various industries, such as agriculture or animal husbandry, is a growing concern. Manufacturing uses hundreds of tons of liters per day, but in households we also use a lot of this natural resource

Shower or bathtub? Which is more ecological?

It is estimated that an average bathtub can hold up to 160 liters of water. In comparison, a shower uses between 17 and 20 liters of water per minute.

Doing the calculations, we therefore get the following figures:

  • bath: 160 liters of water;
  • a 5-minute shower: 85 to 100 liters of water;
  • a 10-minute shower: up to 200 liters of water.

The amount of water used in a shower therefore depends on the duration of the shower. The shorter it is, the more water will be saved

A bath is better than a long shower

It is commonly believed that to save water and energy, it is better to take a shower. However, this is not entirely true, as you can see from the figures above. Taking a shower for 5 minutes, the water consumption is between 85 and 100 liters of water, and we can say that it is more ecological than a bath. But it is worth remembering that the bathtub is never filled to the brim. Therefore, a longer shower, for example 10 minutes, will use at least the same amount of water as a normal bath. Water consumption therefore depends not only on how you take a bath, but above all on how long the water flows

Tips for reducing water consumption

Here are some tips to help you reduce water consumption when showering or bathing:

  • install a low-flow showerhead;
  • turn off the water supply between hair washing, body scrubbing, etc;
  • avoid long showers;
  • pour less water into the bathtub (this seems obvious, but it’s a good way to easily save a few liters).

Combining the bathtub and shower – a 2-in-1 solution

With a combination bathtub and shower, you can enjoy both a relaxing bath and a quick body wash under the stream of running water

In fact, you can easily manipulate the water consumption depending on the occasion: a quick shower, a relaxing bath, a massage under the shower – everyone prefers something different. Remember, however, that moderation is the golden rule for reducing daily water consumption.

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