Body brushing – learn about a treatment you can do yourself at home

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Body brushing – learn about a treatment you can do yourself at home
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Using a body brush has revolutionized the approach to skin care and conditioning. This seemingly simple device works wonders practically from the first use, and its benefits can be listed endlessly. How to brush the body at home and what are the effects?

Cellulite problems can not be combated only with the help of even the best body lotions. The problem with orange peel, as dermatologists emphasize, is located deeper than the creams reach. If you want to get rid of uneven skin, improve its elasticity and smooth it out, it is mandatory to start brushing your body

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What is dry body brushing?

Dermatological studies and consumer reviews confirm that daily body brushing treatments provide much better results in the fight against cellulite than cosmetic products. What is body brushing and how to do it at home? For this type of care needs only a brush with rough bristles made of natural materials and a little free time. Start brushing from your feet and work your way up, making sure to always move the brush towards your heart. The treatment can be performed daily. After using the brush it is worth taking a relaxing shower, because during the treatment dead skin is exfoliated. After bathing to enhance the effect you can use a moisturizing lotion, oil or serum, which thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic system will be better absorbed into the body

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Do you brush your body regularly? ? – You will only see the best results if you approach it systematically. Brushing the body will smooth and tighten our skin while improving its appearance and exfoliating dead skin cells ? – For those who would like to start their adventure with body brushing, we recommend our earlier entry on, in which a cosmetologist described exactly how to properly perform a body massage with a brush. ? Link to it you will find in our IS. ? ____________________________________________ #brushing #body-brushing #body-brush #brush #body-massage #body #peeling #exfoliation #body care #skin care #skin care #skin firming #skin beauty #home-sleep #beauty moment #beauty #beauty #shopping #shoppingcosmetics #online #internetshop #shoponline #topestetic

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Benefits of body brushing

The benefits of dry brushing are many – for the appearance of the body, but also for health. This method, despite the fact that it is very simple, with regular use can bring really spectacular results. Of course, brushing alone will not work if along with its use we do not eat a healthy diet and take care of physical activity. Among the main benefits of using a dry massage brush we can include:

  • reducing orange peel, or cellulite, on the thighs and buttocks,
  • firming of the skin,
  • skin smoothing,
  • noticeable improvement in body appearance,
  • improvement in color,
  • cleansing of the body and getting rid of toxins,
  • oxygenating skin cells and improving circulation,
  • reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the body,
  • improvement of body immunity,
  • positive effect on your mood,
  • improvement of skin elasticity tension,
  • a way to get rid of ingrown hair.

Contraindications – when you can not use a body brush

Are there clear contraindications for performing body brushing procedure at home? Unfortunately, yes. You must not massage your body dry when it is irritated, red or inflamed after using a brush. Brushing may not be advisable for people with very sensitive skin. Avoid any kind of scratches, wounds, scars, moles and moles while performing the procedure. If you are struggling with skin problems like acne, psoriasis or AD. Also, people who have varicose veins and skin prone to bursting blood vessels cannot use this type of skin care

Can I use dry body brushing while pregnant?

It’s best to consult with your doctor before starting your brushing adventure while pregnant. With a healthy pregnancy and a properly developing baby, there should be no contraindications to using this type of skin care. Some people caution that the abdomen should be massaged very gently, or that you should avoid the abdomen and focus on the feet, legs, buttocks and arms. If you are at risk of pregnancy, you should let go of dry brushing. The good news is that this type of treatment is ideal for postpartum, when moms are starting to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes on our bodies

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