Did you know that you should apply sunscreen more than once a day? Here’s how to do it

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Did you know that you should apply sunscreen more than once a day? Here’s how to do it
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Sunscreens are an absolute skincare must-have. However, not everyone realizes that applying just one layer during the day is not enough to provide good skin protection.

Applying SPF sunscreen on a daily basis seems obvious and hardly anyone needs reminding about it. A solid, thoroughly applied layer of the product on the skin allows to protect against the effects of intense sun radiation

Application of a sunscreen requires, above all, regularity. Applying it once a day is not enough to properly take care of the condition of your skin. As recommended by specialists, a layer of this type of cosmetic should be frequently replenished. Each subsequent application gives better and better UV protection in accordance with the value written on the packaging.

Why is it worth reapplying sunscreen?

Reapplying SPF protection cream during the day is recommended for a reason. The frequency in question is even every 2 hours.

Applying sunscreen only in the morning is an insufficient treatment mainly because there is a lot going on during the day. Think about how many activities you do and how this affects the durability of the protective layer on your skin. Shortly after you first apply the cream, it works great, but later on, complications begin to arise.

First of all, you touch your skin many times during the day, rubbing and scratching it. Moreover, in hot weather people sweat. You can also wipe the product off your face while putting on and taking off your clothes. Recently, wearing a protective mask on your face has also added to the elements that affect SPF status. These are just a few of the factors that mean one layer of sunscreen applied in the morning is not enough to last all day.

Multiple applications are also recommended because a single application cannot perfectly cover every inch of skin. The obstacle is its unevenness, as well as the hurry, which often accompanies the morning skin care.

A special circumstance associated with the increased use of SPF is of course the vacations. A lot of time spent in the strong sun, humidity and contact with water make it necessary to use a sunscreen as often as possible.

Which product to choose?

There are many products on the market with SPF, such as oils, BB creams and powders. However, it is best to choose a standard solution, i.e. a cream, among others because it gives the highest protection. Opaque products can be problematic when it comes to layering throughout the day. However, SPF cream can be applied even on a painted face

However, it is very important not to rub the product in, but to spread it gently by patting. An alternative version, which also provides excellent UV protection, is to apply foundation or loose powder in addition to the face cream.

Remember, reapplying SPF is not a must. Much depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead (for example, working remotely, not going out very often) and the climate of the place you live and the prevailing season. Cosmetics and the frequency of their use should also be matched to your skin type.

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