Find out what properties are contained in Oleum Pichtae

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Find out what properties are contained in Oleum Pichtae

Nowadays, more and more women use various oils. We can also find them in the composition of good quality cosmetics. They are natural and have sensational properties. Do you know the Fir Siberian oil? See how to use it!

In recent years oils have dominated the cosmetics industry. We use them not only to treat skin problems, but also more and more people are aware of their effect on our beauty. It has become a trend to use the goods of nature to improve our appearance and oils are perfect for this!

Fir Siberian essential oil – what is it?

Fir Siberian essential oil comes from the shoots and needles of Siberian fir trees which grow in unpolluted areas of Siberia, Mongolia and China. It is completely natural and although it is not well-known nowadays, its properties were appreciated already in the Middle Ages. The oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Fir oil is rich in many valuable components – camphene, bornyl or acetate. Thanks to them it stimulates circulation, supports the cardiovascular system and the immune system. One of its “beauty” advantages is that it neutralizes free radicals and delays skin aging processes. It can be considered one of the natural elixirs of youth.

Extraordinary properties of Oleum Pichtae?

Fir Siberian essential oil, thanks to the substances it contains, increases blood supply to the skin. It also soothes pains of various kinds. It can be used by people suffering from acne as it reduces and cures inflammations. It also helps to get rid of blackheads, herpes, psoriasis or impetigo. It is worth reaching for when our skin is swollen – it perfectly tones the complexion and restores its healthy look. It also prevents free radicals and can be used in anti-ageing treatments and its regular use guarantees that the skin will look firm and young for longer. It also prevents hair loss and helps in the fight against dandruff

When it comes to health benefits, the oil is used to treat muscle and joint pain as well as tonsillitis, colds, flu and coughs. It is also used in aromatherapy due to its pleasant, calming and relaxing scent

How to use it?

Fir oil is most often used to make a home anti-aging treatment. For this purpose, just mix a few drops with your favorite cream or other oil and massage gently into the face, neck and cleavage. Such treatments will make your skin radiant. It will gain radiance and will be smooth and firm. In order to fight blackheads, one should mix Fir Siberian oil with almond oil and wipe a clean face with this mixture. After several weeks the condition and appearance of our skin should improve.

If we want to get rid of dandruff and fast greasy hair – it is worth adding several drops of Siberian fir oil to the shampoo and wash the hair all over its length and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Such a treatment should be carried out at least twice a week

Where can I buy it?

Where can we find the Fir Siberian essential oil? It can be bought in pharmacies and well-stocked herbal stores. The cost of a 50 ml bottle is about 15-20 zł. What is interesting – the oil has a thin, almost watery consistency (most oils are very oily and heavy). It also decomposes and oxidizes quickly, so it should be kept in a dark and cool place

Contraindications for Oleum Pichtae

Can everyone use Fir Siberian essential oil? Before applying it to a larger part of the body, it is always worth doing an allergy test; however, the oil is rarely allergenic and causes allergies. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant women and nursing mothers. When using the oil, try not to get it into the eyes or mucous membranes, because it can irritate them

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