Brush or Comb? What is the best way to comb my hair?

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Brush or Comb? What is the best way to comb my hair?

Combing your hair is a daily task for all of us, but are you using the right accessories? Find out for which hair types it is better to use a brush and when you should opt for a comb

When we talk about well-groomed, healthy hair, the first thing that comes to mind is shampoo and conditioner, but this is only part of proper hair care. If we use a brush improperly, we break and weaken our hair, so hair care products alone are not enough to keep our hair in good condition. If you have ever wondered in the drugstore what is better to choose for your hair type – a wooden brush, a plastic brush or maybe a comb, you will find the answer in this article

Types of Hairbrushes

  • Natural bristle brushes comb hair thoroughly and gently without breaking it. It is good for all hair types, even very fine hair and extensions. The big advantage of natural bristle is that it prevents split ends, does not damage strands and its use adds volume to hair. If you’re concerned about the environment, it’s best to choose a wooden one, as it’s more durable than the plastic ones and will last you longer. The disadvantages of a natural bristle brush are its high price and the need for frequent cleaning. It collects dirt quickly and requires gentle care.
  • With synthetic br istles is cheaper and easier to maintain. It can be washed under running water, but after prolonged use, the bristles may bend and fall out. When buying a synthetic brush, pay attention to its quality. It is best to avoid brushes with plastic needles ending in a ball, because they tug and break the hair, which negatively affects its condition. It is best to choose a brush with flexible plastic needles without a distinctive tip. This is ideal for thick and frizzy hair, as it will thoroughly comb and smooth it. No wonder the once popular Tangle Teezer won the heart of many hair geeks. These types of brushes are very gentle, do not pull hair, and additionally massage the scalp. Those with fine hair should avoid synthetic bristles because they can cause split ends
  • Round styling brushes are the best option for all women who want to add volume to their hair. They are most commonly used when blow drying hair, so most of them have properties that protect the hair from heat. Here, too, you have a choice between natural or synthetic bristles – the latter can cause static when drying your hair. If you want to dry and style your hair efficiently, choose a thermal brush, which has channels inside to speed up the flow of warm air. This makes the whole process much easier.


Most people think of a men’s or older women’s accessory. But who should use it best? People with very thin or thinning hair should use it. It works very well for styling hair from the roots to the scalp. Paradoxically, the comb is also the best tool for those with abundant hair, such as afros, thick curls and waves. The difference is the spacing between the teeth of the comb. For thick hair the spacing should be wide, for thin hair the opposite. You can find wooden, plastic and metal combs on the market. The best, but also the most expensive one will be wooden. Combs made of metal may pull hair. A plastic one, on the other hand, gets damaged quickly and will disturb the hair cuticles. It is also important to know that plastic combs electrify hair unlike their two competitors.

How do I properly comb my hair?

Curls should be combed wet because if you do this after blow-drying your hair, you will end up with a raggedy shed instead of a lush style. On the other hand, straight hair does not like wet combing. It is best to comb your hair before shampooing to avoid tangles and after drying

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