Peeling – Why use it regularly?

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Peeling – Why use it regularly?
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Peeling is a great way to smooth your skin and improve its elasticity. When used regularly, it adds radiance and firmness to the skin. To see the positive effects of peeling, it is important to use it regularly. See why it is important to use this cosmetic with appropriate frequency.

When is it best to use peeling?

Peeling can be used for face and body care, because it improves skin tone. However, it cleanses the skin and makes it better able to absorb cosmetics, so it can be used as a cosmetic preparation for further skin care treatments.

The use of scrubs before depilation may be beneficial, because by moving the hair follicles it makes the hair easier to pull out. It also removes dead skin cells, making it easier for your skin to absorb self-tanners and face masks.

When Should You Not Use Exfoliation?

It is better not to use peeling after depilation, because it may cause irritation. It should also not be used on skin that is irritated or at the site of a rash, because it can exacerbate skin inflammation.

Advantages of peeling

You should also use body scrub when your skin looks gray and rough. Performing body peeling can bring results immediately, but to enjoy long-term benefits, it is better to use it regularly. The most important effects of systematic use of peeling are:

– improving the appearance of the skin

– elimination of minor discolorations

– visible reduction of imperfections

– stimulation of circulation

– reduction of cellulite

– stimulating the skin to produce new cells.

Abrading the dead skin with a scrub will get rid of impurities and excess sebum from the skin. The skin will look much better. Scrubs, which will allow to achieve the intended results, can be found in Ekopteka drugstore, on

Types of body scrubs

Grain scrubs are most often used for body. With their help, mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis is performed. This type of scrub contains various types of particles that rub off dead skin. For delicate skin and skin prone to irritation there are cream peelings.

When it comes to face scrubs, it is best to choose them depending on your skin type. For normal skin, fine grained scrubs that are massaged into the skin are good. The particles remove dead skin and the face gets elasticity and radiance. The most suitable for sensitive and vascular skin are enzymatic peels, which do not need to be rubbed into the skin. Instead of wiping off dead epidermis, they soften it. People with oily or combination skin should use coarse-grained scrubs with antibacterial properties. They will cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

How to use peeling?

Before using peeling, you should prepare your skin properly. It should be applied on damp and cleansed skin. This will reduce the risk of irritation. For more delicate parts of the body, such as the neckline, neck and abdomen, it is advisable to use a milder scrub – a creamy, fine-grained or enzymatic one.

For the feet, elbows and knees, use a coarse scrub. These parts of the body require a little more time. The treatment should then last about 10-15 minutes. It is worth wetting specific body parts one by one, and then massage the scrub into them.

It is best to use the scrub once or twice a day or twice a week. It is best to use the scrub once or twice a week.


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