Hair silk – do you know how to use it?

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Hair silk – do you know how to use it?

Many women use silk to protect the ends of their hair from splitting. This cosmetic also makes combing hair easier and can be applied to dry or damp hair. When styling, it makes the hair smooth and does not electrify.

Let’s start by explaining what hair silk is. Well, it is a substance used in cosmetics, and it is obtained from natural silk in the process of enzymatic hydrolysis. Hydrolyzed hair silk is an ingredient in numerous hair care products. These include shampoos, conditioners, masks or mists. The product can also be purchased in liquid form for hair care.

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Unfortunately, there is still a misconception among many people that silk is used only in exclusive hair salons. Usually, it was applied to clients at the ends of their hair, finishing the modeling. This is a misconception, because silk is now one of the most popular preparations for hair care – it can be purchased in any drugstore for little money. What effect does it have? Which hair silk is worth buying and how to use this cosmetic?

What Properties Does Hair Silk Have?

Hair silk makes hair shiny, prevents water loss and effectively regenerates hair. Hair silk protects hair, which is often exposed to dryness by using styling accessories like flat irons and curling irons. Finally, it makes our hair smooth, soft and thick.

Silk can be used for all hair types, but it is most recommended for brittle, dry and frizzy hair. Hair which is frizzy, thanks to cosmetics with silk will be smoothed, dry hair will be properly moisturized and brittle hair will be regenerated and rebuilt. Silk also helps to enhance the natural beauty of hair. In the case of curly hair, it gives the strands a nice curl and additionally provides shine

Remember, however, that too much silk is always harmful. Too much application of silk on any type of hair will weigh it down and make it look oily.

How to apply hair silk?

How to apply silk depends on the type of product you choose, as well as on our hair.

Let’s start with what types of cosmetic we have:

The product that does not need to be rinsed out will be liquid hair silk. How to apply it? First, you need to spread the product on your hands, then run them through your hair, gently smoothing the individual strands. You may apply the liquid silk before styling but you may also apply it immediately after shampooing on wet hair.

Drugstores offer many products with silk in their ingredients. We can get shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums and mists containing it

All conditioners and hair masks are definitely recommended especially for dry and brittle hair, which requires special regeneration. Hair mists are the best choice for people with greasy hair.

Since there is such a choice of products on the market, many people wonder which silk to buy. Before buying hair silk or cosmetics, which contain it, you should read the composition on the package. Unfortunately, it may happen that a cosmetic, which is supposed to contain (as the name implies) silk, contains little or, even worse, no silk at all. A good hair silk should also not contain alcohol or any silicones. Alcohol contained in the preparation can significantly dry hair, while silicones do not moisturize and do not nourish hair at all, only smooth and shine it.

Silk is also great for hair that needs frequent combing and hair that tends to get tangled. It has anti-dandruff properties. Thanks to it, hair is stronger and more susceptible to styling

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