How do I highlight my lashes without using mascara?

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How do I highlight my lashes without using mascara?

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Each of us dreams of long, beautiful eyelashes. However, applying mascara every day does not give enough permanent effects. We suggest how to emphasize eyelashes without using mascara.

Eyelash extensions

This is by far the most popular eyelash beautification procedure. Women often decide to have their eyelashes extended in a salon or on their own, because attached eyelashes are really impressive. There are different types of false eyelashes available on the market, such as “L” eyelashes or Russian Volume. The former are lashes with a straight base, twisting upwards into the shape of an “L”. They allow mainly to optically enlarge the eyes. Russian Volume, in turn, allow you to get the effect of intense thickening of the hair. These and other types of false eyelashes are available in Noble Lashes online store.

Eyelash extensions is primarily a convenient and practical solution. Allows you to shorten the time spent on makeup. After using eyelash extensions treatment we can be sure that we will not smear mascara in the rain and we will not waste time every day on makeup removal. In order to apply false eyelashes on your own, you need to equip yourself with necessary preparations, i.e. cleaners and primers. BIO eyelash cleaners from Noble Lashes are ideal cosmetics for cleaning and degreasing the natural lashes before attaching the artificial ones, and primers are designed to provide a base for the treatment, so that the artificial lashes last better.

Permanent masking

This is a procedure performed in beauty parlors. Permanent makeup is applied to the eyelashes. The mascara used in permanent mascara is much lighter than the traditional one and does not weigh down the hair. The product is flexible and waterproof, and its use gives the lashes a depth of color and increases their volume and length. The important thing is that you can’t see the individual layers of the cosmetic as you can with a regular mascara. This is certainly a less popular way to beautiful eyelashes than extensions – it does not give as spectacular results, but still allows to improve the appearance of the lashes. This is a good solution especially for natural hairs that will not be stressed. After permanent mascara, the lashes are highlighted and darkened in a natural-looking way, and the effect lasts up to about three weeks. Permanent mascara is recommended for people whose natural eyelashes are strong and thick but light. In this situation, giving them a deep black will enhance them and allow you to dispense with mascara.

Eyelash conditioners

These are cosmetics that are designed to strengthen the hairs, accelerate their growth, as well as stimulate the growth of new eyelashes and darken and lengthen them. You can find many products on the market that are supposed to strengthen hair, but conditioners differ in their composition, so before buying you should know the characteristics of each of them and choose the most suitable for you.

Depending on the conditioner, the first effects may appear just a few days after the first application. Regenerating conditioners are best for weak lashes that crumble. Castor oil will improve the appearance of damaged hair. It is best to apply conditioners with a brush similar to the one used for mascara, covering the entire hair from root to tip. For short, sparse eyebrows, conditioners with a brush that looks like a classic eyeliner are best. It is best to apply it at the base of the lashes and not throughout their length.

Eyelash conditioners should be applied regularly. It is best to apply conditioners every day, after makeup removal in the evening. Systematism will ensure that you get the intended effect.

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